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End of an era?

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  • End of an era?

    Hi all

    It's pretty much dead around here, and I'm in the process of divesting myself of my forum hosting duties. I'm currently negotiating with someone to take over my main two forums as a going concern, but this domain name and forum will in the course of February be de-activated and handed over to Jennie and Obby for their use.

    It's been a blast at times, it's been a privilege at others, and it's been over a decade since I took on Jennie's forums from Crazyfool.

    I sort of intend being around here or there, and I can't see when I wouldn't look forward to reading Jennie's antics in sequential form, but I'm going to let someone else carry the torch for now.

    A book in which I'm credited as being influential in its origins.

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    And so it came to pass, as all things do. Bye bye, forum that arranged pizza parties at Dragon*Con, and thanks Raps.

    "When will I learn that eating a whole packet of hobnobs will not make my problems go away?" - AT