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    Rapscallion has fostered the premiere Devil's Panties community from the earliest days of the comic, way before I showed up and started stinking up the place. The first time I showed up to DragonCon I was swarmed by hugs and pizza from a bunch of bubbly strangers during an epic party. Jennie would later tell me that it was arranged by her oldest, dearest, and more hardcore fans; the members of this forum.

    Unfortunately Rapscallion has decided to move on to other things, and has passed ownership of the forums to Jennie, which in practical terms means me.

    This switch has already happened, and the forums are being hosted on a highly technical, super redundant, shiny modern architecture that is sure to break the fuck out of everything.

    During the early days of this transition I'm going to be relying on you to let me know what's broken on the forums, and I'll be spending some time stabilizing things slowly but surely.

    Thank you all for supporting Jennie and Devil's Panties for all these years, I hope to repay your kindness in turn.


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    He's right, you know.

    I'm hanging around like a bad smell to give advice and the like. I'll be doing various things in the background as and when necessary. I'm really hoping we can get this joint swinging again.

    A book in which I'm credited as being influential in its origins.