The con was fun but if you ran into me, I wasn't the most fun or nicest person to be around. Here's why:

I commissioned someone to make me a specific-color and styled wig in February/March with Otakon as my "drop-dead-date." The wig maker turned out to be the queen of all flakes as she 1) never communicated after we decided on a wig style & I pre-paid her for the wig & her time, 2) said that she had e-mailed me multiple times (yeah, right, I call bull-shit on that!) which must have gone into my spam filter (nope, I check for that stuff), 3) purchased the wig two weeks before the con & the wig company screwed up (both color and style - why she didn't return it, I'll never know), and 4) never gave me her name or phone # to contact her at the con (said she dropped/lost it and found it again) since she flaked on mailing me the wig prior to the con (see the part where she bought the wig two weeks ago). Many of you know me and while I can get a bit frazzled when it comes to things going off of my schedule, I usually have a cherub-like demeanor - with some snarky attitude & comments - but not on Saturday. I was ready to break this girl in two and knew exactly where to hide the body parts (I'm an ex-CJ major, Baltimore is my old hometown, and I know lots of hiding places). In a text to my wife, I asked if she could get a bail fund set up as I thought I would need it.

I literally used every bit of charm and guile to get her full name, phone #, and room number to get my freakin' wig. That's all that I wanted. All of this shit started ~8:30 a.m. I finally got the wig person to meet me @ Noon. If there is one thing that annoys me to no end it's poor customer service and this girl blew it. Big-time!

Okay, flaky girl brings down my wig and it's totally wrong for my costume. It isn't a bad wig per se if I was trying to play a Centauri from Babylon 5 but I wasn't. It was an epic fail and total cluster-fuck. And if I took out my frustration on anyone about my wig fuck-up, I do apologize.

Luckily, I *did* plan for Otakon to be my test run for this costume before Dragon*Con. The costume I put together rocked and many people figured out who I was but it would've been better if I had a full-head of hair (like the character).