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3/28 Geebas- It's better with bacon

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  • 3/28 Geebas- It's better with bacon

    Food is a powerful, powerful motivator at LARPs.

    I have seen entire events worth of PC's come to a screeching halt to recover a large metal bowl of pudding (hey, if you'd had the icebox cake before you'd know why).

    I have seen people take a death to not miss breakfast.

    And the easiest way to die from ten times of overkill at once is to be dumb enough to try and shank someone during a fancy dinner feast. (sadly, I couldn't use the butter knife for a Slay.)

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    And of course, the next one reflects this post perfectly.


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      mmmm Bacon..
      Originally posted by Tipouf
      *pounces and stuffs al in mah bra*
      Newbie kills = 1
      Originally posted by sableagle
      .. but by night I'm a mad spell-check use-use-er .. I'm just a sweet cthulvestite, Elder God in crotch, snuggled in Tip's bra-a-ah.