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  • Is this legal?

    I have a couple questions about what is and isn't allowed as weapons in a LARP.

    Can I duck tape foam to my knuckles and run around punching people?

    Can I lob balls at people from a catapult?

    Can I ram people with a steam tank if I cover the front with foam?
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    From the few larp experience I know....

    Nope, No and Not on your life.

    Though the balls from Catapult, could change to mayhaps if they are the really skishy nerf style balls. Or even really skishy foam boulders, that would really depend on the LARP coordinators.
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      To expand on that:

      You'd have to pad your hands softly enough and smoothly enough to guarantee that you wouldn't do any actual damage ... at all ... ever if you accidentally punched someone in the eye as they tripped and stumbled towards you.

      Sure, as long as you don't mind standing by a tall building while the others drop all your "rocks" on your head from three floors up to make sure they're safe and you can build a catapult that won't break someone's arm if they get it caught in the mechanism or hurt someone who falls against it.

      Of course you can, as soon as you come up with a steam tank that has no exposed hot surfaces and can't harm anyone by ramming them, ramming them into trees, running over them, turning such that one end presses them into trees or driving onto them and them turning round with them caught under the tracks and is proven not to ever boil over and vents excess steam at a safe height and vents its chimney smoke at a safe height and you get the land owner's permission to drive it there.

      I'm not saying it's not possible. I'm just thinking the inconvenience caused to you having three pillows sewn together into a glove for each hand and the limited mobility of a vehicle rolling on twelve beach ball tyres each side in woodland may be remove so much of the fun factor that it just won't be worth what it'd cost to produce them.
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        The answer to all three questions would be: It depends on the rules of the game you'd like to join.

        There are no universal, worldwide safety rules.

        For example, in Germany, the answers for a lot of LARPs I played in would probably be:
        1. As long as you're only pretending to hit someone (think "stage fighting"), there's no need for foam
        2. Of course you can, if we're talking foam balls, or possibly foam balls with some added weight.
        3. While a steam tank would be fine - ramming people with it? Hell no.
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