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    Normal day in my family ... ummmm ... normal? Anyway. Patched up my brothers so many times, I've lost count. Tormenting my step-brothers when visiting my dad (doesn't happen much, the visiting I mean). But the main issue is the rivalry between my sister and I.

    The family is very matriarchal, I think basically, because there are so few females, but we make up for the numbers (think my dad is the only guy in the family who doesn't just go with the flow).
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      But siblings can be soo much fun. Like if you're travelling together in the back of the car and you're so bored you beat each other senseless for 2 hours. Or slamming a car door in a huff and only realising afterwards you slammed it on your brothers hand (i was the recipient of that and it hurt like a bastard)

      eh, i love my brother really . Only problem is he went and got engaged to someone i hate more than i ever thought i could hate anyone, but such is life .


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        my and my sister only love each other when our parents are around.

        or when my cousins aren't around.

        seriously, we like divide into teams when we visit them. Me and Sam vrs Julia and Lily.

        es CREZEH
        Originally posted by Lithanial
        Gah! when did kitty get older? I been asleep for too long!


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          Try having seven siblings, four of which are brothers. Any time that we weren't breaking something, we were trying to break each other... I recall choke-slamming one onto the arm of the couch once, my sister thought I broke his spine, a week later he hit me in the throat with a pipe (thankfully not hard enough to kill me)
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            You want to talk sibling damage?

            (X) Thrown onto a big patch of broken glass

            (X) Hit with a machete

            (X) Shot with a compound bow

            (X) Knocked COMPLETELY unconscious in the school hallway ... and left there until someone came to pick him up

            (X) Road down a flight of stairs while being held in a full nelson so chin and nose made sure to hit every step.

            (X) Tricked into drinking a piss infused beer

            ... Just a few of the things my brother and I did to each other over the course of our childhood.

            My parents would've been BANKRUPT from medical bills if she hadn't worked in the hospital.

            Hell, I had my ass bandaged up during my sister's first wedding so the tux wouldn't tug at the stitches.

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              Claw marks (my sister to me)
              Bruises (mutal)
              Pushed off a stool and winded (me to my sister)
              bite marks (me to sister)
              tripping (me to sister)
              Tore a necklace from hand, causing skin to break (me to sister)
              Fake-crying to cause mum to ground the hell out of the other (sister to me)
              constant wrestling for remote (duuhh)
              Burns (me to sister)
              Theft of books and money (sister to me)
              Rumor spreading (mutual)
              Throwing of utensils and plates (mutual)

              One would think that me and my sister hate each other...and they'd be very close to right. We just severely dislike each other's presence. We're quite loving after being separated for at least 3 weeks.
              Originally posted by Lithanial
              Gah! when did kitty get older? I been asleep for too long!


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                  yea, I know. Disfunction is apparently genetic though, my mum and her sister were the same way.
                  Originally posted by Lithanial
                  Gah! when did kitty get older? I been asleep for too long!


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                    old sayings are the best

                    'You can choose your friends but you cant choose your family'

                    I suppose im lucky in that theres no one in my family i dont get on with.


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                      Worst my brother has ever done to me was mess up my train sets, and I was about 5 and he was 1 at the time.

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                        I picked my bro up by his throat (he was 5'6" and rather muscular, I was 6'2" and fat) and threw him across the living room. That's the most damaging thing I've purposely done to my brother.
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                          i'm in the same school as kitty. me and my sister were never satisfied until we were bleeding. as soon as there was blood we'd go nuts doctoring up each other until we used up the entire days purchase of bandaids, played about twenty minutes as little angels then went at the bloodletting again. my mother actually refused to let us watch even commercials for wrestling because it gave us ideas. nothing gets an ass whooping faster then attemting to pile drive the toddler

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                            Bah, being the older brother to a younger sister is no fun, because physical retaliation is forbidden.

                            The worst I ever did was drag her down the stair by her feet, and they were CARPETED stairs.


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                              Me and my siste never really got into fist fights, it was usually 2 shot battles and tears.

                              However, I did get into a fight with my cousin Lily who insists I was the one thrown off the bed and lost.

                              No, she did. And she cried like a bitch and acted like I was the most horrible person in the world.

                              I have the ENTIRE incident written down and testament after she ran out of my room with my sister at her heels in case she told Mum and Nan.

                              I pulled her hair, clawed her face, punched her throat and threw her off the bed and hissed at her.

                              she LOST.

                              *still isn't very fond of cousin, but doesn't want to murder much anymore*
                              Originally posted by Lithanial
                              Gah! when did kitty get older? I been asleep for too long!


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                                Originally posted by Big Otis Landfish View Post
                                Bah, being the older brother to a younger sister is no fun, because physical retaliation is forbidden.
                                Funny how that doesn't stop some people...

                                Ok, so maybe it does, a little...technically the busted-open chin requiring stitches was an accident(little brother tried to get little sister out of the tub, she didn't want to, they wrestled, she slipped, and hit her chin on the faucet).

                                Worst damage any of us has dealt to a sibling, though, would have to be when my little brother(so called because, while they are both younger than me and bigger'n me, one is older than the other and one is larger than the other) slammed my baby brother's head into the corner of the radiator cover for calling him "my boo-boo."

                                The worst incident that we all four were involved in was on my parents' anniversary, nearly 13 years ago. Baby brother kept hitting everyone with a cushion, so I told him to stop, then confiscated the cushion. He came back with a hollow plastic baseball bat and started using that, instead. Warned him again, and when he didn't stop I sent our sister to the dress-up things to get some ties and sashes, and we hog-tied said brother and took turns beating him with the cushion and bat. Then we all(including him) swore a pact of silence. Unfortunately, the parental units took us all into separate rooms for interrogation, and our 4-year-old sister cracked. That was the last time I was left in charge...
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