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  • Ha Ha, On'y Serious, matey

    This is a great Out-dated Topical Humour project for next year - i'm thinking a strawwapsinthepuddlewithslingshots run-around, at the very least.

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    I fail to see the connection between the first three.

    I also fail to see quite how the "A" on Dora's shirt migrated.
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      I appreciate the comics.. but the intention of the post eludes me.

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        look at the web addresses of the comics after you click the links. They're wrong because it's april fools day.

        also if you notice the comments on the side of "QC" today at it's something like "OH GOD WHAT IS HAPPENING"

        As i was going through my morning comic routine i was so confused at first.

        they got me, April Fools.
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          Jen did the comic artist flip a few years ago as an April Fool's prank. It was neat seeing other people's takes on the various webstrips that took part. I'm not sure if Jen had time this year.

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            Tis SERIOUSLY teasing me, since I can't view QC from here, and I miss I got to see the familiar site design when I went to xkcd, and a bunch of evil red X's instead of pictures *sighs* But 'tis done in the name of fun, so will see what I missed on the morrow
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