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    Originally posted by Leffy View Post
    pampered little boys with monster egos.
    Grosse Pointe's most wanted, eh?

    "See? That right there is why I check your vagina for traps every time we're about to have sex."


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      Originally posted by KiaKat View Post

      Are you planning to make the hike back over here for DC, with or without the good doctor? If so, we'll change that fast.

      Or maybe I'll just take a weekend sometime in June and come down there and thoroughly corrupt you, with Shea's help. She's suitably twisted to aid in the corruption of normalcy.
      lmao.... me? be less normal? doubt it can happen

      i need to be like the old stories of heidi, take me to the far off country side and see me blossom.... ok so i'll become a dirty perv who flashes her hubby in super markets (did that once in france lol) and feels free enough for public displays of affection....

      i'm thinking of trying to get shea to come over before we leave so she can dress me up all pretty for those calender pics... te hee let the coruption begin!
      [/QUOTE] and Captain Kitty says.... "Oooooooh! You kinky bitch!" [/QUOTE]

      Originally posted by RazorJAK
      Yeah yeah, you're the type of girl who would be whispering "Safewords are for quitters." in my ear. :-P