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  • No idea how expensive it is, but this fancy ply-stuff seems good again pistol rounds ... just not against rifle. Beats the heck out of the wall lining material, though. It seems the best option is actually pretty cheap, as it requires no mixing, rolling or cooking. It's apparently better than wood and bricks that way.

    Surely the best first step in designing this home would be to find a hillside in a pleasant area where you can grow a lovely garden, and tunnel into it.

    Actually ... you'd be very limited by the need to make everywhere gothic-arch-section to avoid cave-ins if you really did that.

    Also: drainage!

    I think sand-filled wooden walls with an airspace then a stone retaining wall and earth mounded up against that would be a better way to go. You could cut into a hillside and use the removed earth on both sides of the house to get nestled into the hill rather than completely buried, but I'm not sure what you'd have to do about the roof and the fact soil creeps downhill. There may have to be an annual digging out of the little trench uphill of the top of the uphill wall to stop it overflowing onto the house ... or a really SOLID roof frame that can take the weight.

    Hmm. Make the roof asymmetric, so there's a wall straight up all the way on the uphill side and the rain drains to the downhill side (makes sense in terms of not flooding yourself) and ... no, you'd still have to cart soil back uphill, or it'd fill your gutters.

    Maybe the trick is to find a particularly small hill and stay near the top of it.
    When I was fifteen, my father thought I knew nothing. When I was twenty-five, I was amazed by how little he thought I'd learned in such a long time.


    • Originally posted by Queen_Sarah_Sunshine View Post
      Ah.... gotta love things thown into the clevage.....
      I had a friend who could hide a VHS tape UNDER her boob and not a piece could been seen!
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      • Wow, even I couldn't do that......
        I'm a bit like a zombie when I date. Screw the looks, give me the brains!


        • Originally posted by Queen_Sarah_Sunshine View Post
          Wow, even I couldn't do that......
          Uhm, I think you could as you're pretty gifted in that area, hon.

          Well, maybe a Betamax tape.
          This is my idea of exercise


          • Originally posted by MNsane View Post
            RULE 2: NEVER point your gun at ANYTHING that isn't a target
            RULE 3: Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire
            Originally posted by sableagle View Post
            Never point in any direction you're not prepared to fire.
            Never fire at anything you're not out to destroy.
            There's only one control inside the trigger guard, and it has only one purpose: to drop the hammer. If you're not dropping the hammer, you don't need to have a finger inside the trigger guard.
            When I was fifteen, my father thought I knew nothing. When I was twenty-five, I was amazed by how little he thought I'd learned in such a long time.


            • No, don't mind me. I'll just be crumpled over here at work. Nothing wrong. Carry on.

              Although since I'm thinking on the subject, I was recently looking at one of the new Century Arms kalishnakovs. It got me thinking. I'd really like to have something with the rugged durability of the 47, but that can make a four inch group at two hundred yards with a semi auto. I've been told that I should have a look at the AR-10 and the M14. I'd love a good American made rifle. Any thoughts?
              Why gentlemen, I am positively quaking in my sexy boots.


              • "Won't bend in the middle when someone sits on it in the Land Rover" rules out the L98A2, which is probably a pretty good candidate for "accurate semi-auto rifle" as long as you look after it.

                No, really. 200m range. Target didn't go down on shots 1 and 2. Lifted eye from sights for shots 3 and 4 and watched the splashes. Corrected aim to a spot on the mantlet left of the next lane left, hit the target with shot 5 and was able to get 7, 8, 9 and 10 into the centre. Here's how far apart shooters are, so that would be a little over three metres left and two metres down, or 1 degree and 2 minutes of arc out. The instructor didn't believe me until he tried it himself and got the same result.

                The AK47 itself is ruled out because its group size is about four times that, according to this guy. They're built for reliability without maintenance. Think of it as an over-powered SMG.

                The AK101, 102 and 105 are tempting suggestions, being made to tighter specs and for smaller, lighter ammo (5.56x45mm NATO and 5.45x39mm Soviet) but I can't vouch for their accuracy.

                They're not US-made, either, but there's a nearly-US-made weapon evolved from a clone of the AK-47 that might tempt you: Israel Galili assault rifle in 5.56x45mm with an 18" barrel, or the Galatz sniper rifle based on it, in 7.62x51mm with a 20" barrel.

                I've had very little experience with the AR-15 / M-16 family, and can say they're light and easy to aim quickly and the recoil feels surprisingly light for such a light weapon, but I can't say for sure that they're accurate or robust.

                I've sent a PM to a user on another forum who seems to know stuff and be in Texas, so maybe he'll provide a more experienced answer.
                When I was fifteen, my father thought I knew nothing. When I was twenty-five, I was amazed by how little he thought I'd learned in such a long time.


                • Got a reply:
                  I presume you are not interested in a mouse caliber. I have not shot the AR-10 much but they are very accurate and is the issue weapon for the US Designated Marksman program. They also use the modified M-14, which is a match grade rifle. I think the SEALS prefer the Springfield.

                  However, if he is only going to shoot 200 yds, my AR 15 7.62x39 can definitely keep all it slow ass rounds in a 4 inch circle at that range.

                  As far as sporting weapons, the Browning BAR is definitely capable of 2-3 inch 200 yd groups with major calibers like the .338 or .300 WSM.

                  I have never shot the L98A2. It looks like it was developed by a committee. I had an FN once. I thought it was too heavy and hard to carry for my purposes.

                  If I had the spare money I would have a Springfield SOCOM. It is a very accurate, battle tested weapon with lots of modifiable after market gadgets, scope mountable, night vision capable, suppressible and shoots a relatively powerful cartridge. Or an AR-10 lower with 3 or 4 uppers in .243, .308 and .300WSM.

                  I guess I would go for the AR platform because it is so versatile and you can have extra uppers and I am used to the controls. Also it breaks down so you can carry it in an extended brief case.

                  Unfortunately, all of the above, are pricey and virtually unattainable at the moment, except maybe the BAR. If it is a hunting weapon the BAR is the way to go, otherwise either 1) AR-10, several makers, or 2) Springfield.
                  By "mouse caliber" I assume he meant 5.56x45mm and 5.45x39mm. I dunno. I'm pretty sure either would kill a cat, not just mice.

                  A few attempts at a google search brought up these:
                  Isn't the Army concerned about reliability? The AR-10 ain't exactly the most robust platform.
                  Yes, the Army and the Navy are concerned about reliability and that's why they chose the AR-10. Fortunately the Army and Navy also understand they can't shoot these rifles with shit ammunition and shit mags and expect premium results.

                  Take away pilot error, garbage mags and crab ammunition and the AR-10 IS a robust platform.
                  If you want to stress your bolt and chamber lugs more, batter the shit out of the buffer, and generally beat the shit out of your gun, go for it. Not to mention the increased chances of pierced primers, completely blown out primers, in combination with torn extractors.

                  GO FOR IT! { Hornady Light Magnum .308 ammo in the AR-10 }

                  Bad idea.

                  When reloaders go for loads that are slightly hot in their AR10 they typically get the kinds of results I described above.
                  Not even worth the words to discuss it. M14 is the way to go. The AR 10 platform is not as burly or robust as the m14.
                  I have both a SA M1A, a DPMS LR-308 classic and an AR-10. I would feel fine taking either one of those three into combat and have tested them in crap conditions. All of them worked fine.
                  The AR-10 can be a more accurate system out of the box. The reason for such is because of the receiver, barrel and bolt design. The upper receiver is simply a housing for the bolt and a mounting point for the barrel. The bolt carrier group essentially floats in the upper receiver until locked into the barrel extension when firing. The use of heavy or medium contour 410 and 416 SS floated barrels also help greatly in repetitive accuracy. Finally, the lack of a piston system can also aid with accuracy but the downside is receiver fouling.

                  The AR-10 is also easier to scope from the get go and can be a more modular platform without having to spend large sums of money. The Army and Airforce currently use the KAC M110 - basically a derivative of the SR-25 which was patterned after the AR-10. So far, I haven't heard of any major issues with the platform from those serving in current conflict theaters.

                  With that said, accuracy can be achieved with the M14 platform but requires more 'fiddling' to do so. FWIW, my Scout out of the box shot about 3-4" groups at a 100 yards with surplus ammo. My friend's basic Armalite AR-10 could print 2" groups with the same surplus and MOA to sub MOA with match loads.

                  Fundamentally, this is the mutt's nuts of all battle rifles. It combines ergonomic perfection, low recoil, high reliability, and frankly ridiculous levels of accuracy for something you're going to give to a Tom. The Portuguese version approaches 1 MOA accuracy with reasonable ammunition, often better than sniper rifles of its day.

                  The rifle is currently undergoing somewhat of a resurgence, with Armalite, Knight's, DPMS and others producing a huge range of battle/sporting/"Sniper" AR 10 variants under a variety of names. Even the Boxheads have got in on the act with the HK 417. The Canadians have adopted the AR 10 T as a semiautomatic "sniper" rifle, for use in certain long-distance target-rich environments which have been alleged to be sandy in nature.
                  Traded for a AR10 and yeah I am happy. My M1A was a bit heavier but I can shoot any grain 308 when the SA only took 150s unless you get an adjustable gas plug.

                  I cant wait for a gas piston for my AR 10 next. I have to agree about being able to close up the AR over the M1A. I am in love also my AR10 takes the cheap FAL mags. Double plus if you already have a FAL.

                  Couldnt be happier with my AR10. Enjoy!
                  Just keep up your maintenance and cleaning regimen and you should be alright.

                  The U.S. Army has billions in tax payer monies to buy and replace parts as needed... of which you MUST do to keep this animal alive.

                  I have to say I like the Armalite AR-10. Thats why I to bought one....(I also just sold it a few days ago) :-) lol to a friend. They are good guns..they just need more TLC than I want to (also can afford to) have to give it.... It won't work for me if I ever have to use it.... in a bad situation...
                  The AR-10 is nice, but the M14 is more robust, durable and reliable.
                  I personally own a AR-15, M1A, Mini-14, M1 Carbine, etc...

                  Ar-15 is nice, however I like the M1A platform better. Cleaning a Garand Style Weapon is easy, and they are proven to be ultra reliable.
                  When I was fifteen, my father thought I knew nothing. When I was twenty-five, I was amazed by how little he thought I'd learned in such a long time.


                  • ..... and another reply:
                    The other advantage of the AR is you can use an after market match trigger and you can do all the work yourself, a HUGE advantage.

                    BTW - there are also other cartridges on the AR -15 frame, like the 6.8, 6.5, .300 series, etc which will all shoot sub-MOA at 200 meters and would be a lot cheaper to build/buy/shoot than an AR-10. Plus, on the same lower, you could have a heavy, 10 lb total weight, target grade upper and also a 2nd ultra light upper with an overall weight of about 6lb. The AR 10 starts off at about 10 lb. For the price of just the AR 10 you could have an AR 15 with 2 separate uppers.

                    For most, non-military builds, I prefer to use the DPMS stripped uppers because, 1) they are sturdier/stiffer 2) provide a cleaner appearance, and 3) the build is cheaper with out the forward assist and dust cover.

                    Before the recent hysteria I could order the parts and build a high quality AR15 for around $500 or so dollars. You friend may want to look at the Model 1 site ( I am very satisfied with the ER Shaw barrels.

                    BAR trigger is ok and possibly modifiable, as is the Spingfield, but the AR is very easy to work with. You can enhance the trigger with just a few $ worth of springs or use a drop in trigger system by just pushing out 2 pins. You can assemble a complete AR from a pile of parts in under 1/2 - 1 hour.

                    The AK system is not a target system. I have shot the Dragunov and was not that impressed. I found it awkward to handle, trigger not so hot, and not many after market goodies to make it into your own image and likeness. Accuracy was average.

                    Brownells has a site you can use to customize your AR -
                    When I was fifteen, my father thought I knew nothing. When I was twenty-five, I was amazed by how little he thought I'd learned in such a long time.


                    • I am a heavily armed Geek! An experienced airsofter, paintballer, and deer hunter.
                      Rule #1: Don't Visualize!


                      • I hunt with a Swiss K-31, I recommend them for all of the budget minded history geeks.
                        Rule #1: Don't Visualize!


                        • Hmmm, so it looks like I need to save my pennies and go for the M14. The "Slightly less accurate, MUCH more robust" bit is what did it for me. If the fit should one day hit the shan, I want a good rifle for my bug-out kit. I've got a good deer-slayer already, a bolt-action spring field .30-06. I need to sight it in again...

                          Thanks for the many responses!
                          Why gentlemen, I am positively quaking in my sexy boots.


                          • How do you guys feel about the FAL? my girlfriend happened to pick one up(in pieces), and I'm about to throw it together. I personally liked the M14 and by extension the M1A. I like them because they may talk about getting rid of "Assault Weapon" ammo like the .223 of the AR(Yeah I know it's also used in others) and the 7.62x39 of the AK(and SKS). But the .308 round is still considered a "hunting firearm" round(Yes I know how stupid and silly they are for saying the .223 is more deadly than a .308)


                            • Aircraft
                              Motor vehicles
                              Deep water
                              Moving water
                              Power tools
                              Live ammunition

                              All things that don't mix well with alcohol.


                              Darwin Award candidate.
                              When I was fifteen, my father thought I knew nothing. When I was twenty-five, I was amazed by how little he thought I'd learned in such a long time.


                              • Originally posted by MNsane View Post
                                yeah, its not Mathilda you need to watch out for, it's her friend Leon, he's a cleaner
                                There are rumours that her son and daughter aren't good choices of people to cross, either. One of them's some sort of Taoist warrior monk or something and the other's got some weird AoE buff power. You wouldn't think a professional military garrison with body armour and armoured vehicles could be overwhelemed by a couple of dozen angry koalas ...

                                Originally posted by sableagle View Post
                                Count how many rules this arsehole was breaking.One assumes he did believe that he knew what he was doing.

                                If he claims to abide by the rules posted above, that was attempted murder.
                                Originally posted by sableagle View Post
                                Count how many rules this arsehole was breaking.

                                It's a useful illustration of the rule about knowing what's behind your "target", because Interior walls do not stop bullets.
                                Those two and the DEA agent who shot himself in the foot were famous.

                                China just had to join in, didn't they?


                                A policeman's gun fired accidentally during a safety demonstration at a Henan Province kindergarten this morning, slightly injuring five people, the Henan Business Daily reported.

                                The incident happened about 10 am at Haiwen Experimental Kindergarten in Zhengdong New Area in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan Province, as children staged a performance for the coming International Children's Day. The five injured, including four parents and one child, were taken to the hospital but suffered only slight skin injuries.

                                Officers from the Zhengdong Police Station went to the kindergarten to offer a lesson in safety precaution, and the accident happened as a policeman was showing the equipment. When the gun fired, pieces of concrete hit by the bullet flew up and scratched the arms and legs of four parents and a child.
                                That ... could have gone so much worse ...
                                When I was fifteen, my father thought I knew nothing. When I was twenty-five, I was amazed by how little he thought I'd learned in such a long time.