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  • I know every time I've visited a Disney location, be it World, EPCOT, or Land, I've loved it, and wished I had FAR more time I could spend there.

    There are flaws, and if you're looking for perfection, 'tis not going to happen...but I know I visited them all growning up, and with my teenage sons...And I don't see the 'decrease' in the magic, myself...To be honest, it seemed a more impressive place with modern tech being added in, though I missed the Capt. Nemo ride...Poor subs *sniffsniff*
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    • I was there in November, nothing seemed broken, but there were long lines due to it being Thanksgiving holiday. As far as I could see there was plenty educational about The Land (even though we were never able to get on the hang gliding ride because the line was always more than a two hour wait), the Living Seas (with lots of Nemo stuff, including Turtle Talk with Crush with my kids adored), Journey into the Imagination was still there (but it has Eric Idle now, which can never be bad), as well as a few others we didn't get to. I didn't even look twice at the preachy Ellen Degeneres conservation ride for the record. You could apparently rent Segways to get around the park. All of the different countries had activity stations for the kids. And the fireworks show was awesome, even to my sister who had already seen it five times. If anything was tired, it was MGM Studios because they had mostly the same things they had last time we were there. Truthfully, I didn't sense any kind of decrease in the "magic" of the place, but that's just my opinion. Oh, just a note, if anyone plans on staying at a resort, the Wilderness Lodge is lots of fun, both kids got to sleep in a top bunk, and the Beach Club Resort has the best pool evar.
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      • That's the one park I've been the longest since visiting, good to know it's still as impressive as ever
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        • Before last year, the last time I had been to Disneyworld was BEFORE Epcot was built. It was still in the planning stages.

          I loved it.

          Though the Animal Kingdom was the park area we went to twice. :-)

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          • My first time to EPCOT, my mom was pregnant with my little sister, and I was a toddler.

            The park had been open for less than 6 months.

            I *loved* it. Mom says, to this day, how shocked she was that I preferred EPCOT over the Magic Kingdom.
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            • I haven't been to Walt Disney World since 1971. I was only a few months old when it opened.

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              • only we turn talk of strip joints to talk of disney world lmao.

                only time i've actually been was world in 82, two months after i was born.

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                • [QUOTE=Leffy;44761]only we turn talk of strip joints to talk of disney world lmao.[QUOTE]

                  Wow! This thread's just like Times Square!
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                  • Originally posted by Leffy
                    only we turn talk of strip joints to talk of disney world lmao.

                    only time i've actually been was world in 82, two months after i was born.
                    Kind of like when some scadian friends and I were watching "Flesh and Blood".
                    During the bathtub scene one of the group observed that. You know you're a Scadian when watching a young Rutgur Hauer and a 17yo Jennifer Jason Leigh with "full frontal nudity", you're talking about HOW THE TUB IS HEATED!
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