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    I'm getting spam fanmail;

    I'm sorry we missed you on Sunday at ComicCon. We tried looking for you but could not find you in the crowd. Was the show
    successful for you? We had a blast and took photos of some interesting costumes...

    Are you free to speak on the phone this week? I'd like to follow up the email below and find out more about your website. We
    can possibly recommend some ideas to help spread the word about your site and products.

    A little more about us, I used to work for Google and now co-own SEOhaus, a nationally recognized website promotional agency.
    Specialties include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Custom Website Design, Pay Per Click sponsored listings, and Online
    Branding. Clients include Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, McDonalds, Joico, and Toyota.

    If interested, let me know the best number to reach you and a good time to call.


    Will Senn

    Wunder Team

    PH 800 605 8913 x714
    OFFICE 619 269 3500
    FAX 619 923 2000
    [email protected]

    I missed you at Comic-Con today! I tried stopping by your booth but could not find you at the San Diego Convention Center.
    Are you free to meet on Sunday at the show to discuss website marketing?

    In addition to tradeshows, I'd like to discuss more efficient ways to increase your revenue and spread the word online about
    your business. Let me know free times you have for me to stop by your booth.



    Wunder Team
    PH 800 605 8913 x714
    OFFICE 619 269 3500
    FAX 619 923 2000
    [email protected]

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    Congratulations! You're famous! We're all very very proud.

    If you're really lucky maybe you'll get snapped by the paparazzi next.
    If you're going to lose, lose with NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS!


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      I'm with farler!!

      Yer way too net cognizent to fall fer that crap, but DAMN!!! you got PERSONALIZED SPAM!!! That's actually cool!
      Originally posted by Tipouf
      *pounces and stuffs al in mah bra*
      Newbie kills = 1
      Originally posted by sableagle
      .. but by night I'm a mad spell-check use-use-er .. I'm just a sweet cthulvestite, Elder God in crotch, snuggled in Tip's bra-a-ah.


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        Thats pretty impressive, give yourself a round of applause, they want to help you promote, and are hunting you down in order to accomplish their goal.... watch out, they did say they were looking for you at Comic Con


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          gawd i hate spam

          as a person who answers phones for a living... with about 15 different phone numbers... 7 of which are advertised... i get LOTS of spam calls...

          if i don't have time.. i just let voice mail grab it... but if i DO have time.. i turn it into entertainment for myself..

          as a limo company.. we get car/website/advertising spam mostly... so for instance.. some of my fav responses...

          "hi this is thus n so glass company do you have any chipped or cracked windshields blah blah blah"

          at this point i tell them i don't... and then it goes something like this...

          " but hey,... my neighbor .. he's kind of a prick.. and he's not home.. i could go break his window and then give you his number.. do you guys pay commissions?"
          (meanwhile i am walking toward my recycling glass container)

          they respond with something like "ohh no sir we dont' umm.. please don't do that " or some such fuddling round

          then i say " no really its cool.. i'll just take caer of that for you... **crash** (as i break some bottles against each other) . . ook that was his drivers side window... soo . do you want his number??? "

          95% of the time .. they hang up about this time ..

          when its some foreigner.. (india seems popular for telemarketing) male or female.. i drop my voice into "sultry mode" ...

          and ask... "soooo.... what are YOU wearing? " its very rare they know how to respond to that...

          once i had one company call like 3 times... and even a supervisor called to complain ... my response was ..'what.. you called me.. normally i have to fork over $3/min for this level of service.. but you guys are free.. soooo.... do you have silk panties on? "

          usually i'm hung up on at this point..

          SOMETIMES.. i'll get the same company calling two different lines at nearly the same time... the most recent of those... i conferenced the two spammers .. and as luck would have it.. they were literally sitting across from each other..

          it went something like "blah blah blah blah person in charge of ... hey .. achmed.. why can i hear you in my phone? .. i can hear you too.. who did you call? did you call me ? what number did you dial ???

          etc etc ...

          its the little things that makes life entertaining.

          THAT is why jennies comic is soo fucking cool.
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          Originally posted by JennieB
          While it is a sweet thought, please, no strippers.


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            our lil jennie is all grown up... got her own fanspam and everything....

            yeah ok so you are taller then me
            seriously, congrats! you are more important then us and this proves it ;-)
            the best i get is from the psychic people and the ones wanting to enlarge my penis to make me more popular with the ladies.... wish the psychics would give the other people a clue that i am a chic lol

            am very happy that you have joined the ranks of the famous... we just need to help you get to that rich part :-)
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            Originally posted by RazorJAK
            Yeah yeah, you're the type of girl who would be whispering "Safewords are for quitters." in my ear. :-P


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              Aw man, personalized spam? That's hilarious and also somehow cool. It seems like "congrats" of some form are in order.
              "Don't get it right, just get it written." - James Thurber

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                I had one for the CS website addressed to me, saying that since the site had reached 60k or so (it wasn't a round number) on Alexa then they valued my input on the future of the Internet.

                Oh, and they were offering the chance of a free ipod.

                A book in which I'm credited as being influential in its origins.