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There will be no cake. 8/12

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    Originally posted by Devil Gutchies View Post
    My second favorite is Serbian - one of the best men has to wear a canteen during the ceremony (oh, and the bride and groom wear golden crowns).
    Huh. Good to know what to expect when my sister marries her boyfriend. He's Bosnian/Serbian.
    It's all fun and games until someone loses an eyeball. Then...
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    Originally posted by Leffy
    wussy. its not the teeth you should fear

    its the jaw strength and determination to hang on.


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      Personally, I'd prefer something like these...

      Originally posted by Leffy View Post
      i thought the upper most tier was supposed to be kept by the bride and groom and frozen?

      anyways i was told it was for luck. at the end of the first year on their anniversary the couple eats the cake, and it brings luck to the rest of their marriage. something about the official end of the honeymoon and beginning of the real marriage.
      Supposedly the tradition started due to hopes that sometime in those first few months the couple would you have the big cake for the wedding, and then a handy little cake for the christening about a year later. Superstition came after practicality, in this case... Fruitcakes used to be the traditional choice for wedding cakes, so you didn't even need a freezer

      Originally posted by Tipouf View Post
      thought there was also something about a guest taking their slice home and putting it under the bed or pillow so they will dream of their future spouse
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        i learned that in the chinese culture the wife is supposed to stay at home for one whole month after the birth of each child...sounds good to me... cept i am done having kids

        hubby... can we have cake instead?
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        Originally posted by RazorJAK
        Yeah yeah, you're the type of girl who would be whispering "Safewords are for quitters." in my ear. :-P