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    Chicago being as big as it is, it has its rough spots and its really nice ones. There are places where you could walk around at 3 a.m. in the morning and not have a worry in the world and there are places where you should get the hell out of Dodge the moment the sun goes down.

    Down here in Naples, most of the trouble areas are in the poorer Latino and Haitian neighborhoods.

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      Hmmm... I walked all over seattle when I lived there... don't know where the sketchy part of town was, Same with detroit, When I did a photo shoot there. I think the sketchy part of town there was the one with the bars on all the windows.... for everything... Don't know they gang bangers didn't seem to interested in me otr the $5K of computer and camera equipment I was carrying...

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        Canada sketchy? Nah, I live in downtown Calgary and it's all peace and quiet. There's beavers three block from here, geese on the high rises, bunnies and squirrels....

        Except that carchase/shootout that wrecked 7 cars (dead guys don't drive so good) last week on my block... and those three stabbings out front of the apartment... oh, and the kid who got pushed under the train 2 block from here....

        EDIT: OK, now that I've actually read the comic... the sketchiest hotel I ever stayed in was in Melita, Manitoba. I had a beetle stuck in my ear for a month after that. The live one in my shoe in the morning should have been a clue that the bug in my ear wasn't just a mosquito (pulled out leg fragments), but hey... who'd think that an inch long beetle could crawl in your ear and die without waking you up?

        The 'Kozy Inn' in Bonnyville is pretty bad too... same exact cinderblock construction, slightly newer and shorter shag carpet on the floor. Creepier Norman-Batesesque night desk worker... no wait, Norman Bates didn't have a hunchback and lazy eye, did he?
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          nah norman bates talked to his dead mother and watched you in the shower.

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            yey for atlanta! it's not really too terribly sketchy but that just might be cause i spend so much time there. one thing i've learned never to do is to go running around little five points in cosplay costumes. that's definitely something that i wish i could forget.



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              Am I the only one who found the shovel amusing?
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                So how much was the highest offer you received?
                And how old was the creep?

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                  I've never had a problem walking in "sketchier" neighborhoods. Especially if I'm not alone.

                  I don't look like I have money, I don't look like a victim, and I usually am dressed like a punk rocker or biker chick. With thick steel toed boots.
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                    I worked on the north end of Flint, MI. There is no where in the world that is more sketchy. I even drove through the wrong part of Chicago at night. Most places don't scare me but I know when the white guy with red hair shouldn't be there.
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                      considering that when i walk through the bad part of town at night and past the gangs (the East side riviera's are big) i always look like a bomber guy, or am wearing thick clothes, no one bothers me.size also has to do with it.

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