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  • Originally posted by Rapscallion
    As a splint?

    Rapscallion, curious
    i think i just peed a little i laughed so hard. i mean if EATING them turns you orange....

    Wanted My Hos & Knifes Fly


    • Watermelon is natural viagra, or so I've been told.

      I've never drunk, never really plan on drinking. But I promise I'm not boring!

      A sign of affection in Cats, Marines, and old school punks. - freiman


      • Originally posted by Ray

        John.. yer all growed up... but you still ACT like yer wet behind the ears. You don't have to turn party animal, or even drink at all. I don't really know you, except for the sparse posts on here.. It sounds like you could use some "getting in trouble" time. Everyone needs a little experience with the "dark side" to know what NOT to do. I know this is all kidding around, but you might try getting royally drunk one time... just to experience it. The morning after is hell... but the night before was usually damn fun.

        It's usually the ABUSE of booze that gets people in trouble. Some people NEVER drink. Doesn't mean they are weird or wrong... But just as a casual observation... sounds like you haven't been in much trouble, or risked getting in much. Take some chances while you're still young. You get a LOT of experience sweating out the details, and it serves you greatly later in life (if you listen to the lessons.)

        IMHE, the people who have NEVER gotten in trouble are almost always A) falling apart when things go bad WITHOUT them %#$ing up B) Bone crushingly boring...

        I'm on the opposite end.. I've let my devil run free for a BIT too long.. Gotta learn how to shut him down and/or shut my mouth... But I had fun for the most part.
        I will agree, EVERYONE needs a little "naughty" (not THAT way ya numbnuts!) time in their life. I disagree with the night after the drinking being rough. If hes brand new, he'll simply stay drunk. For the whole damned day. Yes, this is experience talking

        You forgot c) Take out all the anger they got on their nearest kid/sibling. Do NOT want to be there.

        At least ye had fun. And in the end, thats what matters.
        Ecchi_kitty: The Matrix - Scrawny computer nerds are actaully superheros who can dodge bullets. Be nice to them.

        May you get, what you deserve.

        Y'all are nuts. Welcome to the family.


        • Meh.. I've seen WAY more of a and b happen... Being frustrated to the point of anger and violence usually leads to (or is caused by) the abuse of mood altering chemicals, not the lack of it.