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Just go ahead and buy the van already, Jennie.

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    Originally posted by Mike Taylor View Post
    I think Jennie tried that a few years ago at a con. Well, the "Look! BOOBIES!" part anyway.
    I believe she did. hehe.

    In fact, that line works in ALL situations.

    - Selling comics, or cars, or cigarettes, etc.
    - distracting the cops
    - faking out an enemy so you can escape
    - stopping wars
    - getting out of a speeding ticket
    - and much, much, more.

    Originally posted by Gorbash View Post
    Yes, completley wrong, Jennie would have candy and booze to!
    I should have added some liquor bottles, too. The candy I had thought about, but decided against it. Even though I knew all of you would know it was a joke, I just couldn't shake the creepiness factor of adding candy. LOL

    Originally posted by Compton View Post
    And we'd never let her use a deathtrap van like that anyway. She'd get tetnis from a rugburns in that thing.
    Ah, but the joke doesn't work in a clean, new van. Hehehe. It has to be a creepy, predator van. (oddly enough, that van in the picture was clean and spotless and more to Compton's standards. It was the best pic I could find of a van's side door open. I had to dirty the van up so that it looked suspicious. Didn't do a very good job. You can see the repetitive patterns of the brush.)

    Originally posted by Little Crow View Post
    Wrong. On soooo many levels.
    Yet, so many kinds of right.

    No, no, no. It's wrong. Wrong!


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      Originally posted by Crazeyal View Post
      Now now...

      No creeping the Jenster out before a public appearance...

      That's my job...

      Hipsters - hug closely to the hips
      Roadsters - hug closely to the road
      Jenster - that would be Will then, or a drooling fanboy?