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    In light of new information I repeat my previous plea. Alo badass.

    I love Mohawks

    A sign of affection in Cats, Marines, and old school punks. - freiman


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      Originally posted by Racer96 View Post
      This is an old old pic.

      Currently my mohawk doesn't go all the way down the back of my head, it stops about an inch and a half up. It's also currently green, orange, red, blue, black.

      I need to take a new pic.

      oooo sqweeeee

      did i miss someplace that you are asian....oooooo

      *has racer sit and massages scalp without messing up mohawk*

      ooo yes green hair pics please!!!!!
      [/QUOTE] and Captain Kitty says.... "Oooooooh! You kinky bitch!" [/QUOTE]

      Originally posted by RazorJAK
      Yeah yeah, you're the type of girl who would be whispering "Safewords are for quitters." in my ear. :-P


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        Sooo, Racer, if we ever have this Seattle meet-up (that I keep threatening to eventually coordinate), you comin' down? *totally wants to play with the mohawk*

        "Allias volat propriis"


        oooo look, an eyeball *nom*

        Originally posted by stidf01
        Something tells me I have to re-educate Fal when I see her next

        P.S. I'll let you know if I survive
        Yeah, he survived, but only just


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          Originally posted by Plunder Down-Under View Post
          In light of new information I repeat my previous plea. Alo badass.

          I love Mohawks
          I'll have to take a picture next time I have my hair up. (I don't wear it up at work, I'm in project management, and, well, I don't know how well that would go over at most jobsites (It's hard enough having multi coloured hair, looking like I'm not old enough to drink, and trying to tell people what they have to do :P )

          Hahahah, Tipouf, I guess I never came out and said I'm asian. Although the people that saw me on Jennie's u-stream , pointed out that I was asian

          Falconess, depending on time and date, I'd come down. The hard part for me is schedule. I work during the week, and weekends I play hockey. I take time off for going to the different conventions, and that really eats up all my free time. I'll be down for Emerald City Comic-con though, we already have our tables booked!



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            I wanna hit up ECCC again this year. I'd like to get Frank Cho's auto as well with having Mike Mignola making an appearance and me doing a clix campaign in Richmond based on the BPRD I can get some autographed comics for prizes. With my last game being a zombie apocalypse theme it was awesome going to Emerald City this year and having Robert (The Walking Dead) Kirkman and Eric (The Goon) Powell autograph some prizes for me. Not to mention getting to get the loverly Jennie Breeden signing some stuffs for me.
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              Frank Cho is a really awesome guy. So friendly, and such a salesman Eric Powell is also really nice, really quiet. His girlfriend is a roller derby girl, and is super friendly. If you make it to Emerald City next year, please stop by our table too (Although I might not be there, I tend to wander around at cons :P)

              Ok, so, here's a picture from this past APE, it sort of shows the colours in the mohawk, but the light makes it hard to see it all.

              And it's pretty sturdy too. Here it is getting squished, but it pops back up, somewhat anyways

              The girls in the picture from left to right are:
              Molly Hahn, writes and draws Mollycules.
              Miriam Libicki, writes and draws jobnik! , drawn essays and t-shirt artist (from the first pic!)
              Camilla d'Errico, artist, Nightmares and Fairytales, Burn, Avril Lavigne's manga.

              I didn't take any new pics, but was saddened to notice that after several hockey games, the green and blue has mostly gone away. Just the red, orange and black has stayed.



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                I was really amused to find that Eric Powell looked a lot like one of the guys who works at Imperial Hobbies that I game with:

                Eric Powell:

                Chris Oakley:

                I was also really glad that Kirkman was game to let me try and eat his brain:

                And to send Jennie some big ups too:

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                  Ok, not to be a killjoy or anything...

                  I'm the "gal" (who happens to be male, but i get that a lot) who spoke to Jennie about the Event in Long Island.
                  we are still working on the logistics and trying to convince the owner ( a very conservative doctor) to have a giant sign with the word PANTIES in the the window.
                  what would be awesome if you guys could use your know-how of Jennie B. fandom to let anyone who might care know about this.
                  It's pretty much this, our Cafe is kick-ass, the Chocolates and drinks are amazing and the choctails chocolate-cocktails (many created by me, try the "Serenity") are stunning. but we have some very slow weeknights.
                  what we need are events, and i think Jennie would be just perfect, people would come in off the street and she would just be super-fun and kooky with them, but what i need are a starting crew, a number i can give my boss and say, "Definitely X number of people will be there ." (the number doesn't have to be big, believe me).
                  please, feel free to e-mail me via the board.
                  thanks so much,


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                    I'll go!


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                      As I said before, if we can get a date set more than a couple weeks in advance, I can probably find someone to cover my shift. I'm happy to host Dasota, and possibly one or two more women from the forum for a couple days. Weekends are usually better for me (although I do have Mondays off), but there's almost always someone looking to pick up an extra shift or two.
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                      Hey, free eyeball!
                      Originally posted by Leffy
                      wussy. its not the teeth you should fear

                      its the jaw strength and determination to hang on.