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    we also used to give the kids a grade/age appropriate work book and make them do pages when they where bad...
    but so that they did not associate school type work with being bad we also made it so that if they wanted something special " x " number of pages = " x " number reward... like time on the playstation or watching tv/movie

    normally those activities are reserved for the weekend so if they want to have the "special stuff" they had to make the effort to get what they want.

    the thing about the xmass money is also is that if they are not at the money level they cannot play on the playstation or watch movies/tv
    the boys start off with $100 each
    we started that the 1st week of november and the eldest was at $50 by the end of the 1st weekend lol... both of them are now back up to $100 so they are now on the playstation as i type

    but with my kids... spanking only worked when they wore diapers cause it was the shock factor not a pain thing and corners NEVER worked
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    Yeah yeah, you're the type of girl who would be whispering "Safewords are for quitters." in my ear. :-P


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      yeah if hes in the corner harli gets jealous and wants to do it. i dunno how the xmas thing would work for him cause i already got his present and i ah maxxed out my alotted "spend on the sisterlings". i had originally planned no more then $20 on toys and $20 on clothes.... then i saw something soooo perfect... Guitar Hero III bundle with wireless guitar at big lots only $50 (which was damn good cause anywhere else it only went on sale as low as $72 and i got 20% discount, yay! family event discount!) so i got it for him. though it'll be a stays at grandma's cause it'll be a wendy harli bubby present.

      whaaaaaaaaaat? its fun trying to pretend to play the guitar and for once i want to do more then my brothers demos with the regular controller. and i always think its a good rule of thumb to never buy toys you won't play with yourself. so harlis bday will be a barbie dream house....

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        For the moment my nephew still believes in Santa Claus, so when the holiday season appraoches we tell him that if he's bad he'll only get coal. To illustrate this, my sister left toy coal in his stocking one year because Santa was warning Ean that his behavior hadn't been that good. This was one of their more clever ploys, usually my sister and brother-in-law don't punish him as well as they should. He also had acid reflux when he was little, so it's not like they could ignore him when he cried.... thus starting a bad trend.


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          duct tape, velcro, and the 3 wise men are the perfect babysitters...
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            Originally posted by sableagle
            Mmmmmmm .....

            Oh wait, substitute? Sorry ... *ahem* Carry on.

            Personally, I think duct tape and rope have uses that don't involve the pick-up truck.
            dirty dirty!
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