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The Abandoned Belk's (25 Nov 2008)

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  • The Abandoned Belk's (25 Nov 2008)

    There's just something inherently sad about an empty storefront, especially that store. Still, it's also kinda neat that there's a convention going on inside it.

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    Northern Va has tons of places like that. Landmark Mall here is half-empty at this point, so's another older mall as well. Come to think of it, that's very smart of the con holders. They get cheaper space, the mall gets a nice one-shot rental, and everyone's happy.


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      lmao you would never see white flint mall pull a stunt like that
      they are way too up tight!

      hell one year they only had breakfast with santa, what a joke

      rich people malls suck and are worse when they have nothing to offer

      i worked that mall for 4 years, say the death of people's pottery and the closing of olly's shoes....oooo and i miss the coffee beanery!

      omg i sooo wanna white chocolate mocha with an extra dbl shot of espresso, raspberry and vanilla syrup... (total ends up being 4 shots espresso cause i get the big drink)
      [/QUOTE] and Captain Kitty says.... "Oooooooh! You kinky bitch!" [/QUOTE]

      Originally posted by RazorJAK
      Yeah yeah, you're the type of girl who would be whispering "Safewords are for quitters." in my ear. :-P


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        Indeed, upscale malls are pretty damned lifeless. I forget which one it was, but there was a mall that I went to in the Northwest Chicago Suburbs that was filled with cookie cutter upscale boutiques and whatnot. Every store had some customers, but the whole place was eerily quiet.

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