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    I believe the proper term for the last frame of today's comic is 'cold-cocked'.

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    Reminds me of what Moo did at the "Continental Death Anniversary" party that was held at the club which sorta took over for the goth hangout after we closed our doors.

    He bought a HUGE doubleheader dildo and wrote JAK'S COCK on it.

    He Went around thwapping people upside the head with it if he heard "Oh we miss the Cont so much." or "I can't believe it's really closed." from people who had been in the place less than four times in the last four years it was open.

    "See? That right there is why I check your vagina for traps every time we're about to have sex."


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      One of my co-workers used to work for a rent to own place. One of his duties was to reposess items that were not being paid for. He tells many stories of the strange people and things he saw while doing this job. One of my favorites is where he knocked on a door, the rather large woman opened it and started swinging at him with a 12" dildo. He retreated and she never connected. He returned the next day with reinforcements, she appologised.
      Appearantly, this is her weapon of choice and she keeps it by the door.


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        i had fun keeping the 12" vibrator in my purse while in new york... ya know the cops really wont say much the way they would if it was a gun and with the weight of all those batteries it really can hurt if you have to smack someone upside the head
        [/QUOTE] and Captain Kitty says.... "Oooooooh! You kinky bitch!" [/QUOTE]

        Originally posted by RazorJAK
        Yeah yeah, you're the type of girl who would be whispering "Safewords are for quitters." in my ear. :-P