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a Gelfling!?! (11/29)

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  • a Gelfling!?! (11/29)

    while I AM a slight bit disturbed by that imagery, i am in no way surprised by the availability of said item...

    at least it's not a skeksis! there now i've done it, i've made myself need the bleach again

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    I wish that were the oddest thing I've heard of, but it is not... not by a long shot.

    *shudders in fear*

    The horror... the horror...
    Go for the eyes Boo!

    I will hijack your thread... not intentionally, but I will


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      yeah i'm STILL trying to figure out the intentions of the guy who came into the shop of a friend of mine worked in, wanted one of Tinkerbell, that was "life size" (yes as in 1.5" or less)

      actually on teh original topic it's kinda like my wife said when i showed the strip to her, "that's rather #[email protected]#ing close to Pedophilia"


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        Is it bad that my first thought was, "I wonder if they shelled out for the wings?"

        "See? That right there is why I check your vagina for traps every time we're about to have sex."


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          hubby looked at that and said "whats a gelfling" had to remind him of the dark crystal lol

          we both loved the strip though, the imagery was great...
          [/QUOTE] and Captain Kitty says.... "Oooooooh! You kinky bitch!" [/QUOTE]

          Originally posted by RazorJAK
          Yeah yeah, you're the type of girl who would be whispering "Safewords are for quitters." in my ear. :-P


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            Yea..... people have childhood fetishes that get awfully close to pedophilia. What you loved as a kid you now lust after as an adult I suppose? Is it not true that some of what made the Disney princes interesting still holds true now even if they're as unrealistic as ever?


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              Regarding today's comic ...

              See that look Jennie is making?

              That was the look I had when she shoved that friggin creepy doll in my face at Dragon*Con ...

              I'm surprised I didn't shriek like a Twilight fan who's finally found out that she's not going to find a vampire lover to emotionally abuse her.

              "See? That right there is why I check your vagina for traps every time we're about to have sex."


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                Those "Real Dolls" can result in some creepy things. Years back, an EQ fan made himself a dark elf outta one.



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                  yep... now you can custom order one.

                  and that's not even including the japanese nock-offs that are out there...
                  ***I'm quiet in a homicidal yet to kill people sorta way***

                  RazorJAK says "Evil panda is ... evil. "


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                    My first thought was, "A Genetically-Engineered Life-Form" from Red Dwarf? Then I remembered the Dark Crystal ones.

                    Both are equally disturbing in their own, unique ways.
                    This is my idea of exercise


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                      Gelfling?! With wings or not, though?


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                        only the girls had wings.

                        Wanted My Hos & Knifes Fly


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                          Originally posted by Leffy View Post
                          only the girls had wings.
                          Me thinks the question asked was based on that knowlege.

                          You know a round about way of asking "boy gelfling or girl gelfling?"