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    It would depend on the form of blindness. Retinal damage, severed optical nerve, overpressure in the eyeball and other problems that cause blindness would all prevent that working too.

    Was there airflow? What was the evasion distance? I'd be fascinated to find out that they'd somehow managed to get platypus-bill EM sense in their shins or something.
    When I was fifteen, my father thought I knew nothing. When I was twenty-five, I was amazed by how little he thought I'd learned in such a long time.


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      Originally posted by Mike Taylor View Post
      It all comes back to boobies here, doesn't it?
      YES, IT DOES!
      "I like my tea like I like my women - Hot, Wet and Green."
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        Originally posted by Falling Man View Post
        Interesting that this strip was run today. There was an article in the Houston paper either yesterday or this morning about research into 'blind sight'.

        A group of scientist ran tests on people that were completely blind and they could walk down a hall they had never been in, padded so no echo, without a cane, without bumping into objects place in the path. They would sense it and go around.

        Evidently the eye sends data to 2 different parts of the brain. They were hooked up with brain wave sensors and activity was recorded in a primitive part that probably existed back when we were still in the ocean.

        Well, that's in line with the guy from The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat(?) who recieved some head trauma, drove home, and then when he went to look at his key ring to find his house key realized he was blind. Turns out he can see perfectly well so long as he's not looking.


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          Originally posted by Sehson View Post
          either that or your really tall and not well endowed????
          It's not nice to point that out. Besides, I prefer to think of myself as being highly motivated to please in other ways.


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            I like to think of myself as a projectile weapon designed to battle the dastardly battle armor of the Tch'chek Army!

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              Not to take away Plunder's projectile-ness, I think that this "Dialog in the Dark" is a very cool idea.

              When I took an ASL (sign language) class many years ago taught by deaf teachers - no "verbal" talking was allowed in the class - I swear my hearing got turn up a notch or two. I wonder if Jennie's vision kicked up a bit, like the colors seemed more vibrant or something like that.

              Sometimes it's eye-opening (ugh, sorry pun unintended) to walk a bit in someone else's shoes, definitely gives you a different perspective on how the world looks.
              This is my idea of exercise