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    Heh, the people involved are all smart enough to not put anything online they don't want seen by everyone, IMO...While I had to ask the question, the response of 'offline' is pretty much expected
    Chaos is it's own reward


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      Hmmm yes..... never post anything that a family member can use to blackmail you!
      I'm a bit like a zombie when I date. Screw the looks, give me the brains!


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        Originally posted by Evandril View Post
        So where did you put the non-work safe ones?
        There aren't any more photos that I can post.
        One person asked for certain shots of her NOT to be posted and I'm respecting her request.

        Although, after seeing Jennie's brainworm hat, I'd like to get one. The shot of her hat swallowing her whole head still has me snickering.

        Originally posted by Darkestthicket View Post
        Perhaps only accessible to friends and family...which I am not
        All my photos are publicly available. I've never used the friends/family option.

        As I have photos of my nieces and nephew up on my account, truly adult-oriented photos (nudity & sexual acts) are right out. I don't even list any pr0n in my favorites.

        Doesn't mean that I don't download them, tho.
        This is my idea of exercise