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  • Checking out racks

    *Keanu Reeves voice* Whoa. I can haz naem nao? *end voice* (the thought of Keanu Reeves speaking in LOLcat amuses the hell out of me)

    If I remember correctly, my thought process was something like: " with shiny new servers, or ogling Jennie, HappyGoth, and D*Con Goddess. Damn, I am suffering from Geek vs. Male. So. Hard. To. Choose. Wait a minute. Hard. Right. Staying here."
    Kilt? Check!

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    i belive you made the right choice
    Mind if i...reel you in?


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        Good call, man. Good call.
        "I like my tea like I like my women - Hot, Wet and Green."
        – IK the Troll


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          Probably a safe call also. I see you're still alive to post.And I agree., it sounds more exciting.
          Come with me to a land where nightmares fear to walk.


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            Damn, I missed that there was already a thread. Oh well.


            Wanna chat with other forumites? Hit and join the #devil'spanties channel.


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              Woe, alas, I feel your pain. /mock sympathy

              You mean Keanu Reeves doesn't normally speak in LOLcat-speak?

              Being male wins over geek... most of the time. Unless it's a really cool, bright, and new shiny thing. But I have a touch of ADD so.... oh, look at the kitty ... what was I saying again?
              This is my idea of exercise


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                Awhile back, a mutual friend of mine & another couple joined our group. She was just 5ft even and....well, let's say she was rather well-endowed. She hated being teased about how everyone wouldn't look her in the eyes when she spoke to them. Even when she wore the most concealing clothing she had. I offered to pick up a t-shirt at ICON that year that read; "These are not the breasts you're looking for."

                Thankfully, she didn't slap me (she wanted to, I could tell by the way she curled her fist). She used to slap people with a balled up fist. And throw her entire weight into the swing.
                "I know I'm going to hell; I'm bringing marshmellows." - me (good story behind that).

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                Insidiously where you least expect it.
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                  I still like ... er ... Angela's t-shirt on the old ... ummm ... Kestrel ... Queen of Wands site.

                  Where the view down her cleavage would have been if it was a low-cut top, there was a big arrow pointing upwards, and beneath that it said:

                  When I was fifteen, my father thought I knew nothing. When I was twenty-five, I was amazed by how little he thought I'd learned in such a long time.


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                    Although, that's the first time that I remember Jennie doing a "Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, Know what I mean?"



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                      Originally posted by metaal View Post
                      REMIND SELF: MUST. LOOK. AT. EYES
                      Hmm... idea forming...
                      Women's T-shirt with a large pair of eyes right at the middle of the chest.

                      and I take no responsibilitywhatsoever for whether or not this is a good idea.
                      There are two kinds of people in this world:
                      1. Those who understand binary.


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                        heheh you would be suprised how many t-shirts of that there actuely are!!

                        well when you have the choice of 3 beautyful women or some peace of metal, if your smart you gonna choose the beautyful women!!
                        Mind if i...reel you in?


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                          My wife had to toss the tank top that read....

                          "Yes they're real" it didn't fit anymore..

                          though she still has the t-shirt of some webcomic robot doing the Uncle Sam wants you pose.. saying "Get Your own Pair!!!"
                          ***I'm quiet in a homicidal yet to kill people sorta way***

                          RazorJAK says "Evil panda is ... evil. "


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                            Originally posted by toreador View Post
                            heheh you would be suprised how many t-shirts of that there actuely are!!
                            There are indeed a lot of them out there.... I wanted one as well...
                            What we can see is limited... what we can create... is endless


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                              There was a girl at Emerald City ComiCon that had a shirt that read "I wish these were brains" Tj, his wife and I all laughed.
                              "Don't get it right, just get it written." - James Thurber

                              Learning how to think means learning how to exercise some control over how and what you think...being conscious and aware enough to choose what you pay attention you construct meaning from experience. Because if you cannot exercise this kind of choice in adult life, you will be totally hosed. -David Foster Wallace (personal reminder)