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    Okay. The new YouTube Jenny Episode was great (as usual), but AWFULLY quiet. I had to turn the volume on my computer ALL the way up and it was still hard to hear you. Hmmm...

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    Jennie's a lot quieter in person than she is in the comic strip.
    "I like my tea like I like my women - Hot, Wet and Green."
    – IK the Troll


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      Originally posted by IK the Troll View Post
      Jennie's a lot quieter in person than she is in the comic strip.
      Indeed. Sometimes I think we scare her. :-(

      "See? That right there is why I check your vagina for traps every time we're about to have sex."


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        We keep telling you to wear the bag but nOoooOoo


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          yes. because a bag face is not scarey. i mean the Original Jason had to switch to a hockey mask for better effect.

          Wanted My Hos & Knifes Fly


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            no.. just a bag is less scary than JAK's ugly mug.. (which resembles Jason without the mask..)


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              under the spaghetti straps

              - kudos on the quiet volume. i like it a lot.

              - kudos on the hair. i like it a lot.

              - kudos on keeping the boobies out of the frame, and inflating my "curiosity." but, before you kill this cat:

              some girls have love muffins,
              some grrls have cup cakes,
              but vanilla angel or devil's food
              or chocolate banana luvvins
              all boys become men,
              when that's where we bury our face.

              and under those spaghetti straps beats the vibrant expressive heart of a senstive soul et une artiste. I like that a lot.


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                Still my all-time favorite! (bring back the Gina...)


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                  Finally got around to watching the new YouTube post. Like the hair, she needs a better mic, and dammit, she needs to model the panties. Don't tease us so by saying, "you prefer the pink." Harumph! (j/k)

                  Hopefully I will run into her at WW: Philly.
                  This is my idea of exercise