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  • Originally posted by Death Dragon2 View Post
    Come to think of it, Looking for Group is WoW fanfic.
    At the start it was, now it has nothing to do with WoW.
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    • Except the character races.
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      • Ah, but there's a difference in the levels of fanfic. Gen, Het, and Slash are the primary sub-sets.

        Gen = general: normally safe for anyone (tweens and up) to read as there's no hanky-panky; "what if this happened" stories and such.

        Het = heterosexual: PG-13 up to XXX situations normally ensue; orgies, threesomes, and partner(s) swapping(s) are lumped into this as well.

        Slash = M/M or F/F relationships and/or sex: a pairing of the lead or stronger characters from whatever fandom you're into; first noted in "Kirk / Spock" stories or "K/S" and later shortened to just "slash" to denote the "/"-ing of the characters; also known as "Alt-Fic" in some circles, ex. Xena/Gabrielle or Harry/Draco stories written by new writers unfamiliar with the term "slash" who came up with their own name to denote what category their stories fell in. Don't even get me started on the "twincest" (the Weasley Twins) or "Wincest" (the Winchester brothers from Supernatural) stories. Yes, they exist... in abundance. Rule 34, remember? Oy vey...

        If you had a WoW slash story involving Orcs and Elves, the boinkers would have to be of the same gender along with dealing with inter-species issues & anatomy. Hey, I've had to live and suffer with the concept of slash for over a decade - the least I can do is share my pain.
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