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Woot, wheeled concensual murder!

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  • Woot, wheeled concensual murder!

    I need to see if they derby around here as every time I've seen a clip of it on tv its always been fun to watch. I can't watch sports on tv usually so if its cool enough to watch on tv then it must be like the entertainment of the gods in real life.

    Sweet! There is a derby league like fifteen minutes away.

    Queen City Roller Derby (QCRD) is a skater owned and operated flat-track roller derby league in Western New York. QCRD is continuously committed to the reviving and redefining of the classic sport of roller derby, with a 21st century twist. Flat-track roller derby is a full contact sport played by independent, strong women. The League provides an opportunity for athleticism, camaraderie, and self-expression. We inspire on and off the rink; we serve the community, get fit, and have fun.
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    Originally posted by JennieB
    yes, but when you have to dress like an Orc, getting green paint that far up your ass is a bit of a pain.

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    Yea Derby! I love it so much, I became a referee for it!



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      i just like the names.
      to find me, you must be good.
      to catch me, you must be quick
      to defeat me, you must be joking.