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Boots! (Fri 7/13)

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    Originally posted by greyloch View Post
    Whereas I would like to see that as I'm a total perv, I sure your girls would try to spork out their eyes and bleach their brains if you did that.

    *looks to the left, then to the right*
    I dare ya!!
    I double dog dare ya!
    Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons, for thou art crunchy and good with ketchup!


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      buy me the boots and you may even get permanent proof of the occassion occuring.

      or i may just be a tease in the hopes you have generous hearts.

      Wanted My Hos & Knifes Fly


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        You're evil, Lefty. Please don't ever change.

        I'm just hoping that Jennie will wear her new outfit to either Otakon or Dragoncon. I want photos dammit!!!

        Why? Uhm, artistic purposes???
        This is my idea of exercise


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          Originally posted by greyloch View Post

          Why? Uhm, artistic purposes???
          Deos.. anyone ELSE hear fapping??
          Originally posted by Tipouf
          *pounces and stuffs al in mah bra*
          Newbie kills = 1
          Originally posted by sableagle
          .. but by night I'm a mad spell-check use-use-er .. I'm just a sweet cthulvestite, Elder God in crotch, snuggled in Tip's bra-a-ah.


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            Originally posted by Leffy View Post
            i want to steal the new girls boots... i would kill for thigh high six inch heels. hell if i wasn't worried about how my daughters mind would handle it i'd sell all my clothes and walk around in nothing but those boots.
  'd not be the first to try. I've had a range of responses since I got them, ranging from "Wow!" and "Where do I get some of them?" all the way to "Bitch!" and "........<sounds of drooling>....."

            They are rather interesting to drive in however, and getting pulled over for breath testing certainly elicits an "interesting" response


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              Originally posted by greyloch View Post
              Are you implying that we contagious or something?

              ~cough, cough~ Damn! I must be getting allergic to Garfalk and and Plunder.
              That's not why I hummed and hahed for so long, but now that you mention it ... I would have to say ... actually, yeah!
              Like the wind that blows in thunder,
              Like a stallion on the fly,
              I got it on,
              And I'm standing strong ...


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                apologies for the thread necromancy but i thought id put it here rather than start a new thread just for this.

                Anyone know if that store is online at all, my Net-fu is weak and has failed to find anything.