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Bathing suits and peeing

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  • Bathing suits and peeing

    One word, Jennie: Ew. Just ew.

    I haven't pee'd in/through my bathing suit since I was a little kid. But then again I have a large bladder vs. most women who have the bladder the size of a grape - maybe that figures into things? o.O?

    Any other stories like this folks?
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    Not really. My main interest when in water is in not drowning, and I'm not good at that part. Well, not as good as I should be. I tend to shy away from such.

    After that, anything's a bonus.

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      Actually, there is no physical size difference between a man and a woman's bladder. The difference is that we men tend to train our bladders to hold until we absolutely must go, whereas most women tend to go whenever they feel the slightest need.

      Yes, I watched an episode of Doctor Oz where they talked about that. >.>
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