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9/23 Creeper handling

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  • 9/23 Creeper handling

    Most men have surely seen this phenomenon. Sadly, a bit more than you'd THINK have participated. Has yelling at females EVER worked? I'd weep for our gender.. but I'd really prefer to kick some gonads...
    Originally posted by Tipouf
    *pounces and stuffs al in mah bra*
    Newbie kills = 1
    Originally posted by sableagle
    .. but by night I'm a mad spell-check use-use-er .. I'm just a sweet cthulvestite, Elder God in crotch, snuggled in Tip's bra-a-ah.

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    It is a high volume, low success rate technique. It must have some kinda success rate as these clowns are still around. The must be breeding with some one. Perhaps the elusive sex addict nymphomaniac moron jogger? I only use such techniques with women I already know to tease them.
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      I was going to say Jennie needs something fluffy and warm to take jogging with her so she can hug it to feel more secure at such times ... and post a picture of a couple of adult Esper Ursuin for illustration, but I seem to have lost that picture.

      I'm not convinced this is an Esper. By the environment I'd suspect Polar. Still, it gives some idea of what I had in mind:

      30 to 36 hands at the shoulder. Rammed by a pickup, it'd take some damage then rip the cab apart and eat the driver. One of them. Jennie should go jogging with one of them.
      When I was fifteen, my father thought I knew nothing. When I was twenty-five, I was amazed by how little he thought I'd learned in such a long time.