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10/16 Stabby stabby?

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  • 10/16 Stabby stabby?

    Heh.. she went out to the wilds of the .. parking lot to work out??
    Originally posted by Tipouf
    *pounces and stuffs al in mah bra*
    Newbie kills = 1
    Originally posted by sableagle
    .. but by night I'm a mad spell-check use-use-er .. I'm just a sweet cthulvestite, Elder God in crotch, snuggled in Tip's bra-a-ah.

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    Eh? lol Are you saying she should take him out for a stabbity work out after that comment? I showed this to my boyfriend and he laughed in a 'oh, why'd he do that' sort of way. I told him, good lesson: start with the compliments and impressed-by-the-dress reactions and THEN mention, diplomatically, the make up. I hardly wear it, so he might not remember, but still.
    "Don't get it right, just get it written." - James Thurber

    Learning how to think means learning how to exercise some control over how and what you think...being conscious and aware enough to choose what you pay attention you construct meaning from experience. Because if you cannot exercise this kind of choice in adult life, you will be totally hosed. -David Foster Wallace (personal reminder)