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  • Schizoid
    *6 is the total allotment of pictures in one post. This one just missed the cut off.*

    Spoiler: Um, yeah... 

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  • Schizoid
    started a topic Cards Against Humanity

    Cards Against Humanity

    I've loved Cards Against Humanity and have gotten many miles out of my set. I've had very few instances where someone has gotten offended, at least enough to leave the game (some cards have been discarded due to circumstantial inappropriatness). These are some hands I've had (hidden behind spoilers to keep from bogging down load times).

    Spoiler: This came from my first game played. 

    Spoiler: Sometimes the perfect answers just happen. 

    Spoiler: As I just said... 

    Spoiler: Not even Batman is safe from CAH! 

    Spoiler: The second card group won. (You know it'll happen!) 

    Spoiler: Don't remember which card won (assuming the bottom card) but...