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Can someone help me figure out these required reading graphic novels?

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  • Can someone help me figure out these required reading graphic novels?

    Someone introduced me to this awesome webcomic, so I started wasting time at work reading from the beginning.

    I got to number 446 and there was a list of required readings. Watchmen, Preacher, and Sandman I could make out clearly. I'm pretty sure the second from the top is the Dark Knight Returns. I love all of those so much that I've bought at least two copies of all of them because I wore out the first ones.

    But the others, Kabukie, Mause, and Scot (Scat?) McLoud I've never heard of. I've found some comics or authors with close spellings, but not exactly the same. Can anyone help me out with what these three are?

    I can't imagine that I wouldn't like something on a list of books where all the rest I liked enough to buy shell out money for two or three times over.

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    Maus is this

    Kabuki is this

    Maus and Kabuki are both available on amazon along with the various volumes of Jenni's books

    And Scott McCloud is this gentleman

    Mispellings may have been purposely done because they were not used with permission,
    Or because Jenni is a notoriously horrible speller that we love anyways, because shit should be speeled how it sounds damnit...
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      "Shit" is spelled the way it sounds.
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