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like a pirate waiting for rum

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  • like a pirate waiting for rum

    lmao i love the refrence to a previous comic with a certain fangiven bottle of rum

    the wait must have been agonising!
    Mind if i...reel you in?

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    I don't know who this girl is ... but DAMN I like her shade of evil.

    "See? That right there is why I check your vagina for traps every time we're about to have sex."


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      Yeah, cute goggles girl has a bit of ... EVIL (does the Dr. Evil pinky pose) in her.

      "Is it an 'Evil' Geek Auction?"

      Speaking of pirates & rum, at the Baltimore Comic-Con, I brought Nigel a bottle of Gosling's Rum. The boy damn near broke the sound barrier grabbing it from my hands, cracking that thing open, and adding it to his "emo" Coke (Coke Zero here in the States - it's much darker in color than normal Coke). It's fun to make people happy. Expensive, but fun.
      This is my idea of exercise


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        I laughed i cried i fell over, this comic moved me.

        A sign of affection in Cats, Marines, and old school punks. - freiman


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          it moved me to realize i'm thirsty. yes, the goggle girl is awesome in her evilness.
          See you in the stars kiddos!!

          You're gonna do what with that banana? Is that legal?


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            Ar'n? N'ar'n.

            i feel that pain. i'll die screeching,"Darby M'Graw! Darby M'Graw! Fetch aft the rum, Darby!"

            with second thought, those are no ordinary goggles! they look greater than beer goggles... those must be the mystical Rum Gogols which grant Tanuki-like power over the thirsty!

            Dance, dry puppets! Dance